School Uniform

School Uniform

The uniform is meant to create a sense of oneness and equality among the students and to urge them to reflect, apart from scholarship, the values which they imbibe from the school.

Summer Uniform


  • Brown shorts (For students of STD-1 to STD V)

  • Pants (STD VI to STD X)

  • White half-sleeved shirt

  • White socks and black bettered shoes with Lace, school tie and belt


  • Brown divided skirt (open for KG section)

  • White half-sleeved blouse with collar White socks

  • Red ribbon, Black shoes with buckle, School tie and belt

Winter Uniform


  • Grey terry-wool pants (Std-1 to X)

  • Full sleeved white shirts Grey socks

  • Black shoes and V-necked plain knitted grey pullover

  • School tie (Blue colour) and belt Navy blue blazer with maroon cap.


  • Grey divided skirt open skirt for KG section

  • Full sleeved white blouse with coller. Grey

  • socks, Black shoes and V necked plain knitted

  • grey pullover, School tie (Blue colour) and belt, Navy blue blazer with maroon cap.